Autumn: Dark Poetry Book

Autumn: The Melancholy & Mental Health


My new dark poetry book ‘Autumn: The Melancholy & Mental Health’ is now available. Based on personal experience of dealing with mental illness, this autobiographical book is a chronological snippet of the constant battle and discrimination translated through nineteen dark poems. Only a limited number available to purchase with all sales being donated to a mental health charity.


Donation Price – (Minimum £5.00)
All proceeds made will be to cover postage fees & rest will be donated to a mental health charity to continue to raise awareness.

All payments to be made via PayPal:
(Please attach full name & address when making any payments or donations).


  1. Very proud of my husband to open up an let people in to share his most inner deepest feelings and thoughts. He is a very creative person and to see such a smile on his face when his book got published I knew then how much it meant to him and to me. I hope his book will help other people who suffer daily from any types of mental health. He is a very special man I love him with all my heart. Xx


  2. Congratulations on the book Mr H. You should be proud of what you have achieved for such a worthy cause. More people like you need to shine a light on mental health so it has nowhere to hide in the shadows.

    Best wishes


  3. Stephen, I’m so proud that you are bringing awareness to mental health and the ignorance it brings! I just hope one day the small minded people who have let us both down will begin to understand! Best wishes JV x


    1. Thank you Jan. Unfortunately the stigma around mental illness is a tough one to break. People don’t fully acknowledge it unless it directly effects them or somebody close to them, but stay positive as even though we’re in a minority were stronger than they think!


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