Within Darkness Origin

640290B9-E93D-427B-A958-AA46BC1680D2This year has been huge for me artistically. I’ve met a lot of creative people, hung out, discussed ideas and collaborated on numerous pieces.


I’ve spent a long time doubting my abilities or thinking what I do doesn’t have any meaning or substance whatsoever. I truly believe that you cross paths with certain people for a reason and this past twelve months I’ve met a few people who’ve reignited my passions and reinvigorated me to fully believe in myself and my art.


Being an artist we think differently to others. We see things differently, act differently and it’s a behaviour that we never shake.


A huge part of my work is based around issues of mental illness. I’ve battled a long time with it. Lost family, friends, career, quality of life. The only thing I’ve held onto is my art. That’s something nobody can take as it’s an internal segment of my existence. My art and disability is interwoven to the point it literally creates itself. For the first time I believe I’m heading in the right direction. The people I’ve met this past twelve months accept my disability and my behaviour traits, take an interest in me as a person and what I’m creating.

I’ve a number of projects in production, some unfortunately are top secret which I’ve been sworn to secrecy, but they’re projects I never dreamed I’d be working on, so I’m extremely excited.

One project I can talk about is something I’ve been working on since May 2018. It’s a collaboration with gothic photographer Amanda Norman, dark-alternative musician Tony Longworth and actor and horror icon Bill Oberst Jr.


Since the release of my debut book ‘Autumn: The Melancholy & Mental Health’ In March 2018 I knew I wanted to continue the theme of mental health as there were a number of poems that didn’t make it into the final edit. One of the poems was ‘Within Darkness’. A poem that talks of a very sensitive issue, a suicide attempt.

After chatting with Amanda Norman who created the absolutely stunning cover for my book, we quickly decided to collaborate on this project together. Amanda is an amazing photographer and her unique talent of capturing darkness complements my work perfectly. Over the coming months the extremely talented Tony Longworth joined with his dark alternative intense music fitting our styles immaculately and to put the icing on the cake, actor and horror icon Bill Oberst Jr came on board to add his phenomenal narration and propel my words to another level.


The project is now complete and ready for distribution to people and organisations involved with Mental Health, Horror or Alternative Culture. If you wish to request a screener please contact me: stephenpeterharper75@gmail.com

I’m extremely proud of this piece and the experience of collaborating with some amazingly talented artists. This piece is extremely personal to me and to raise awareness of suicide and mental illness is something I’m very passionate about.

‘Within Darkness’ will Premiere on Facebook on the 10th September 2018 @ 8pm. We decided to release via the social media platform so as many people get a chance to watch it and hopefully share to raise as much awareness as possible.


If you’re experiencing difficulties, please talk to someone. Take time out to listen and support each other, stay safe, don’t suffer Within Darkness.

All imagery is ©️Copyright of Amanda Norman Photography.

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